This site is dedicated to those fifty years young and beyond who have continued to improve physically. You have defied society's conventions and expectations as you have aged. You have continued to challenge yourself to do better. You never look back with envy. Instead you look forward to aging and the improvement that you will foster. You may be a weightlifter, swimmer, runner, martial artist, tri-athlete, bicyclist or yoga enthusiast. Whatever the chosen challenge, you have never stopped competing with yourself. You are an Ageless Timeless warrior and deserve to be honored. You share my mantra. When asked, "What do you expect for someone my age?"
You respond, "Excellence !"


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If you ever wondered why Ageless Athletes Exercise, you should see Clarence Bass's pictorial display showing his remarkable physique from age 15 to 77.

Whatever perceptions you had of a 65 year old will be destroyed when you see Odd Haugen's record breaking lift.

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