How Do I Get Featured in Ageless/Timeless

Ageless/Timeless is designed to feature individuals age fifty and above who demonstrate physical prowess that has a timeless quality. An individual may be featured who currently exhibits ageless characteristics in one or more of the these areas: speed, flexibility, strength, endurance, physique. You are a unique athlete due to the Ageless/Timeless nature of your physical talent. You are able to walk into any fitness center or competitive forum and know that you can compete with any age group. Moreover, you are an enigma. Those that witness your abilities are awed by the fact you are able to perform at a level that does not coincide with your age. You are the proverbial square peg in a round hole and do not fit the stereotypical stigma assigned to the aging process. You are ageless!

You will not be featured if you routinely walk, garden, bowl, play golf, jog, slowly swim gentle laps in a pool or participate in recreational biking. Though your willingness to stay active is meritorious, it does not make you unique or an Ageless/Timeless candidate. Keep exercising and stay fit. However, Ageless is for those who have destroyed Father Time's clock through hard core training and tremendous dedication.

To be considered as a featured athlete, send an email to describing the qualities that make you an Ageless/Timeless athlete. You can also send us a photo and/or video clip that showcases your abilities. The video clip may be sent to our address at P.O. Box 453, Altoona, PA 16603. The information may need to be corroborated through documentation provided by a reputable competitive body, for example a sanctioned powerlifting or racing organization. If you do not compete, then a fitness organization may be needed to support your claims.

If selected, you will be interviewed and guided through the process. Remember, any submissions to Ageless/Timeless will become the property of George Thomas Kattouf and may be used to support and promote the Ageless/Timeless initiative.

Personal appearances request

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