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Reported by: Carolyn Donaldson
Thursday, Feb 25, 2010 @09:15pm EST

ALTOONA --Meet a newly retired educator and now webmaster who's changing the rules when it comes to aging.

George Kattouf lives by a simple rule: For this 50 plus year Altoona native, aging does not have to be a debilitating process.

"You can maintain your strength and your fitness throughout the rest of your life, but it will take some work, costs, you'll have to make some sacrifices."

His new website - www. shares his story and other 50 plus year young athletes who all expect and demand excellence from themselves.

With a Black belt in Korean martial art , a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and state powerlifting records, Kattouf embodies the spirit of hard work to get any age.

At his Academy of Martial Arts in Altoona, he shows his students age can be timeless.

His profiles on-line include one of the world's strongest men. As Kattouf describes it, he was watching a Strong Man competition on television on night when "all of a sudden they showed this individual, Odd Haugen, who at the time was 56 - lifting objects that were hard and cumbersome and he did it with ease."

He also featured A 60 year old named Bill Collins who runs the 100 meter in 11.44 seconds.

There's also a woman doctor who developed Nutronics and shares her athleticism with many generations. "She trains individuals in their 80"s and 90's," says Kattouf.

Kattouf says in his on-line and in-person interviews with the athletes featured, they all say the mind is the key to being ageless and timeless.

"Everyone of them cites this because what they do project goals and they think about how they're going to improve each day."

Kattouf would like to hear from WTAJ viewers who are active older athletes or know someone who is.

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